País Vasco

Last week I spent four days driving around and visiting one of the most beautiful regions of my country named Pais Vasco; we went to its three main cities and then we explored its coast and some little villages of the region and of the south of France. It was magical. 

First stop: Vitoria 

Second stop: Bilbao

Third stop: Puente colgante (it separates Portugalete and Getxo)

Fourth stop: coast and San Sebastian

Fifth and last stop: South of France





“Salt, water and vitamin sea” 

This island completely got me; its calmness, beauty and peacefulness have made me fall in love with it. 
Day 1: Binibéquer beach and town.

Day 2: Cala Son Saura, Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella, Cala Macarelleta and Ciutadella town.

Day 3: Cala de Caballeria, Fornells town, Fornells’ lighthouse, Favaritz’s lighthouse, Cala Presili. 

Day 4: Es Caló Blanc and Mahó town.

With love, 


Como – Milan

“To travel is to live”

I’ve just come back from Italy where two friends of mine and I have been staying for almost four days and it has been such a great trip. Good friends and beautiful places, no more is needed!

Day 1

 At 14:55pm we arrived to Malpensa Airport and took a train to the city of Como. We got to know the appartment, rest, took a shower and got ready to explore the city a bit and have dinner. 

Day 2

The following day we spent it exploring the so called “Lago di Como” which is a breathtaking lake full of tiny towns on the sides of the montains that surround the lake. We took a boat and stopped at a place called Varenna which is a beautiful little town located in the middle area of the lake. Then we went back to Como and we had dinner there and wandered again through its streets. Without hesitation, Lago di Como is one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been to.

Day 3

The third day we took a train from Como to Milan were we would spend the following two days. Once being installed in Milan and after having had lunch we went to explore the city. Then we took a shower and went to have dinner nearby the appartment. 

Day 4

The last day we kept exploring Milan and we discovered great neughbourhoods, parks and churches and we went inside the Duomo which was amazing. 

 With love, 



“It’s not about the years you live but about the life in your years” 

This Sunday has been greatly spent in a beautiful and cute little town named Altea at the mediterranean coast. 

Lots of love,


Berlin 16

I have just arrived from my trip to Berlin and I must say that it has become one of my favourite cities. Its mixture of history, modernity and art, plus its lively streets make it such a beautiful and great place. 

 Branderburger Tor

 Town hall 

Television tower 

Berlin’s Cathedral 

Checkpoint Charlie 
Music Hall 

Reichstrat or Tax and finances building
Memorial of the nazis victims

Parts of the Wall

Two of the six museums 

Walking through the streets

Reichstag’s cupule or Parlement’s cupule

East Side Gallery 

Visit to the city of Potsdam 

Lots of love,